JSM Appointments

About JSM Appointments


JSM Appointments is a Perth based engineering specialising in HR consulting services of the professional engineers, Technologists and associated trades and disciplines.


Engineering Skills Recruitment Focus


With a focus on the engineering profession, our team and associates offer a blend of local and international and human resources knowledge.Experience has taught us that many methods traditionally used by engineering recruitment agencies fail to attract the competencies required for high performance.


Engaging superior talent requires ongoing, persistent and constructive association. We actively engage and develop our network to offer our clients unique opportunities to access a rapidly expanding pool of talent not accessible via traditional advertising or head-hunting.


Our background in engineering careers means we have an insight into how the proper skills can impact a client's performance. Our special candidate management system uses four main classifications to quickly find specific skill sets.


Our mission is to maintain a global network of engineering professionals and provide employers a shortcut to a broad range of superior talent.


Our strategy uses effective communication and promotes an open and professional relationship between ourselves, our clients, our associates and our network of engineering professionals. We offer expertise to complement clients’ human resources management and recruitment processes with guidance,support and assistance to professional engineers, technologists, associates and entry level candidates.


Talent torque Remaining current on education, regulation and other issues is a key responsibility of our engineering recruitment agency consultants. Through our newsletter talent torque, we disseminate relevant news information to clients and candidates.


We actively promote the engineering profession and engage members of engineering teams through career guidance and employment support. Our branding, marketing and networking activities are exclusively geared towards professional engineers and associated trades as well as industry employers.


Our core values: ur team and associates demand honesty, integrity and ethical standards with clients and candidates alike. We have a reputation for serving clients and engineering professionals with respect and individual attention. JSM Appointments respects first and foremost your right to confidentiality and we are committed to our privacy statement.


Our History


Founded in 2004 JSM Appointments set out with a plan to enhance the engineering recruitment agency process with a unique partnership that offers clients and engineering professionals a combination of broad industry experience and human resources knowledge.


We have established a benchmark for HR consulting services and engineering recruitment agencies in Australia. Much of our success is based on a passion for effective management and an ability to offer a superior, cost effective and sustainable professional engineer recruiting process. This is measured by the consistency with which we match the qualifications, knowledge, experience and attributes of candidates to the specific needs of employers.


Our Knowledge and Experience


Lead by directors and co-founders, John and Sonja Masters, JSM Appointments draws on extensive HR consulting services and specific engineering experience. We have an established network of HR consulting service providers enabling us to extend our role to a fully outsourced HR management service. From an engineering recruitment perspective our unique combination of experience obtained locally and abroad enables us to successfully refer engineering professionals that will not only meet the skills and knowledge required by clients.